Sandra Mason Registered Acupuncturist and TCMP

Sandra graduated in 2007 from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson B.C, where she continued to live and work until 2022. Sandra worked mainly in private practice but was also a clinical supervisor at the Academy and a volunteer practitioner in a mental health facility. She has been honoured to treat a wide range of people over the past 17 years, but her passion is for supporting women in all stages of life from adolescence to menopause. Her interest in pursuing Chinese Medicine as a career began after receiving postpartum care from a Chinese Medical herbalist in 1999 after the birth of her son. She found that she recovered much faster than after her first child and with a deeper understanding of her body and how to care for it. Sandra believes that the body has an innate ability to recover from periods of physical and emotional stress with Chinese Medicine as a gentle guide. Sandra also holds a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies which included courses in communication and mediation and this work informs her practice and interactions with all her clients. She continues to study with experts in her field and her love of learning means she is constantly exploring and learning from a broad range of sources in order to be able to offer the very best care to her clients.
- Acupuncture initial visit
- Acupuncture subsequent visit
- Acupuncture for Cervical Ripening initial visit
- Cervical Ripening initial Acupuncture subsequent visit
- Community Acupuncture
- Cupping