Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a form of primary health care with an emphasis on prevention and natural methods of healing. This form of medicine blends evidence-informed traditional healing practices with modern western diagnostics to identify and treat the root cause of illness. The clinical approach of Naturopathic Medicine is to establish a strong foundation for healing by improving sleep, optimizing nutrition, replenishing nutrient deficiencies, reducing stress & toxin exposure, and balancing mental-emotional health. Naturopathic therapies, such as herbal medicine, nutraceuticals and clinical nutrition, can also be used to strengthen and repair organ systems to treat both acute and chronic disease.

Therapeutic modalities used in Naturopathic Medicine:

• Herbal medicine

• Nutritional & lifestyle counselling

• Professional-grade supplements

• Mindfulness practices & breathwork

• Acupuncture

• Bowen therapy

• Homeopathy

• Micronutrient injection therapy

• Prescription medications & hormone replacement therapy


Specialized lab testing used in Naturopathic Medicine:

• Lifelabs general health markers

• Male/Female hormone assessments

• Adrenal function analysis

• Enhanced thyroid panel

• Micronutrient panel

• Metabolic panel

• Cardiovascular health analysis

• Comprehensive digestive analysis

• Food sensitivity testing

• Autoimmune panel

• Heavy metal analysis


Health conditions & life stages treated by Naturopathic Medicine:

• Fertility (male, female, and non-binary)

• Pregnancy

• Birth preparation

• Post-partum care

• Lactation support

• PMS and menstrual irregularities


• Endometriosis

• Menopause

• Hormone imbalance

• Thyroid conditions

• Adrenal dysfunction

• Fatigue/burnout recovery

• Digestive disturbance

• Mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and PMDD

• Pain & injury recovery

• Healthy aging