Is Fertility Counselling for Me?

couple holding hands

The road to conception can be exciting, scary, overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting all at once. Every couple’s fertility journey is unique and many experience unexpected challenges which may be related to specific reproductive conditions, unexplained infertility, or pregnancy loss due to miscarriage. No matter the cause of your difficulty, it is normal to feel alone or left behind, sad, anxious, stressed, or a powerful sense of loss of the hope that it would be easy to conceive. It is also normal for it to be extremely difficult to let go of a planned timeline for your pregnancy and you may feel overwhelmed by choices and decisions, and a profound sense of a loss of control. 

What Can I Gain from Fertility Counselling?

1.Emotional support

Assistance with exploring and processing mental and emotional challenges including

grief/loss, guilt, anger, shame, and sadness that you may have experienced during your fertility journey.  

2. Counselling therapy for miscarriage and pregnancy loss 

Fertility counselling also includes emotional support for miscarriage and pregnancy loss including processing grief, bringing closure, preparing for future pregnancy, and exploring fears of the situation reoccurring.

3. Coping tools

To help manage the stress associated with your fertility journey. This may include recognizing triggers and accessing tools such as mindfulness, self-compassion, meditations and visualizations etc. 

4. Decision-Making Support

Discussion and counselling support for infertility including exploring when to seek out reproductive technology (IFV, IUI, etc) and how to explore additional options for expanding your family (surrogacy, adoption etc.).

5. Reiki and Energy Healing

To induce a deep state of relaxation and provide holistic healing support for infertility and pregnancy loss. Click HERE to read more about Reiki and Energy Healing.

How do I get started? 

Appointments with Lorilee Keller, RCC can be made via or by clicking HERE