Catherine Chow Registered Massage Therapy, Lactation Consultation and Breastfeeding Counselling

Catherine Chow is an Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and International Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC ). She has been working with moms and babies since 2016. Ever since coming to Canada in 2019 from Hong Kong, she has been serving families as a childbirth educator, doula, lactation consultant, and now as a registered massage therapist.

As a registered massage therapist, she helps all genders and ages, including infants at any stage of their lives) address the underlying causes of their discomfort, not simply treating symptoms.

Catherine is trained in:

**Pregnancy/ Postpartum Massage**

- Back / Neck Pain
- Headaches / Migraines
- Sciatica / Piriformis Syndrome
- Ligament / Joint Pain
- Swelling/Edema
- Carpal Tunnel
- Delivery Recovery / Rehabilitation
- Diastasis Recti
- Cesarean
- Therapeutic Breast Massage in

**Baby Massage**

- Feeding / Breastfeeding Struggles
- Colic / Gas / Constipation
- Reflux / Regurge
- Head Shape / Torticollis
- & more

Catherine Chow 是註冊按摩治療師 (RMT) 和國際認 證泌乳顧問 (IBCLC)。 ⾃ 2016 年以來,她⼀直從事 媽媽和寶寶的⼯作。2019 年從香港來到加拿⼤以後, 她⼀直為年青⽗⺟家庭服務,擔任分娩教育、導樂、 泌乳顧問,現在還是按摩治療師.

作為按摩治療師,她幫助對象主要是嬰兒、產前產後 婦女、所有⼈處於任何階段)解決他們不適的根本原 因,⽽不僅僅是治療症狀.

Catherine 在以下⽅⾯受過良好訓練:


- 背部/頸部疼痛

- 頭痛/偏頭痛

- 坐骨神經痛/梨狀肌綜合症

- 韌帶/關節痛

- 腫脹/⽔腫

- 腕管綜合症

- 分娩恢復/康復

- 腹直肌分離

- 剖腹產/撕裂/外陰切開術

- 哺乳期的治療性乳房按摩⽤於緩解⽣理性脹乳、乳 管堵塞和乳腺炎 (通乳、催乳)

(治療前需要簽署特別 同意書)



- 餵養/⺟乳喂養的困難

- 絞痛/脹氣/便秘

- 反流/反流

- 頭型/斜頸

- & 更多的



- 英語

- 普通話

- 廣東話

- ⾺來語



As a lactation consultant, she is passionate about helping families transit smoothly into the new role of parenthood. She doesn’t just fix the latch, she empowers moms to be their own experts and enjoy breastfeeding!

She is the Director of the British Columbia Lactation Association (BCLCA). She has two kids, a 14-year-old and an 11-year-old son. She breastfed them for 4 years.In her spare time she enjoys making memories with my family, staying active through sports and being outdoors, and loves to sew and DIY household stuff

- English
- Mandarin
- Cantonese
- Malay

作為⼀名泌乳顧問,她熱衷於幫助新⼿⽗⺟家庭順利 過渡到為⼈⽗⺟的新⾓⾊。 她不只是單單指導含乳, 她更會協助媽媽們,成就她們成為⾃⼰的育兒專家並 享受⺟乳喂養!

她是加拿⼤B C省泌乳顧問協會 (BCLCA) 的董事。 她 有兩個兒⼦,⼀個 14 歲和⼀個 11 歲。 她⼀共⺟乳喂 養了他們 4 年.

在⼯餘時間,我喜歡與家⼈⼀起創造回憶,通過運動 和⼾外活動,保持活躍。此外,我也喜歡縫紉和 DIY 家居⽤品! 感謝您花時間了解我……我期待著您的來 信並希望盡快與您合作。

- English
- Mandarin
- Cantonese
- Malay