Cassidy Hodgkin, RMT (formerly Hexter) Registered Massage Therapist

Cassidy graduated from the 3000 hour massage program at WCCMT in 2007. She has a nurturing and intuitive approach that creates a safe space for patients to return back into a functioning, balanced and healthy state. Her treatments often include the use of myofascial and trigger point release techniques, swedish massage, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and home care. Cassidy has the ability treat at any depth while still using a gentle approach. She welcomes feedback. She sees the big picture with her patients and supports them by taking into consideration what the best approach is for their situation. Every treatment is uniquely formulated to fit the needs of individual patients. Home care is given that is useful and practical according to her patients’ lifestyle.

As a massage therapist, Cassidy loves to treat the whole family from babies to grandparents. Her passion as an RMT has always been pregnancy, but she welcomes all people to her practice. She strongly believes in the ability of massage therapy to impact all levels of health at any age.

Cassidy Hexter RMT

Cassidy spent her entire final semester at WCCMT treating patients at BC Woman’s Hospital. It was the exposure there that opened her mind as to how massage, compassion, trust, and empowerment can influence pregnancy, birthing and postnatal care. Since graduating, Cassidy has continued her massage studies in pregnancy, labor, birthing, postpartum/c section recovery, complicated pregnancies, infant massage and pre and post natal exercise. She believes that a woman has the potential to labor with fewer complications and recover faster when she has received regular massage treatments throughout her pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey that involves unique physical changes in the mind, body and soul. Massage therapy is performed with the care and comfort of both mother and baby in mind. Providing massage therapy is an effective way for a pregnant woman to have relief from the aches and pains of her pregnancy voyage.

When Cassidy is not massaging she is usually with her family and their little dog out for walks, having picnics, or on an full day adventure. Her two little boys have stole her heart and she loves exploring the world through their eyes. She has learned time moves fast and just being able to be in the moment with those two boys is pretty special.