The use of Moxibustion for breech babies


If you’re experiencing a pregnancy with a breech baby, we understand how you may be feeling. During pregnancy, there can be a lot of additional stress surrounding babies position being ideal for a vaginal birth. Did you know that breech position babies occur in about 5% of pregnancies? While Obstetricians can attempt to manually rotate the baby, there are some holistic methods to try out as well!  Acumamas helps many patients attempt to rotate their baby to be in the ideal position for birth! To help rotate these breech babies, acupuncture and moxibustion is used in order to encourage your baby to move.


So firstly, what is Moxibustion? 

Moxibustion, or Moxa, is a traditional Chinese method where a herb (Artemesia vulgaria) is burned and used to provide warmth to the skin through proximity. Typically if you’re using moxibustion to help support turning a breech baby, the moxibustion is used on the 5th toe (commonly called the ‘Pinky toe’) of both feet. The reason the moxa is used on these specific feet locations is because it in connected to a acupressure point, Bladder 67, which is said to stimulate the womb by encouraging energy (Qi) to be sent there.

Moxibustion at BL67 is thought to stimulate the production of prostaglandin and estrogen, which increases uterus contractions that lead to fetal movements. These contractions aren’t meant to lead to labour starting early but to help encourage baby to move. Traditional Chinese medicine theory teaches that the disharmony of qi and blood may cause fetal malposition. Hence why acupuncture, which can improve Qi and blood flow, is said to be effective. 


Is Moxibustion actually effective? 

A review study 2021 concluded that acupuncture-type interventions (including moxibustion, acupuncture, and moxibustion plus acupuncture) at BL67 increase the frequency of cephalic presentation at birth. Currently, there are more studies trying to be conducted to show its true effectiveness. While moxibustion itself is extremely helpful in getting baby ready to be earth-side, combining its use with treatments such as acupuncture, exercises and even spinning babies techniques are shown to  extremely valuable in seeing success. 

If you find out your baby is in a breech position, get in touch with our registered acupuncturist to help start treatments! We also have a hand out for you to take home, along with a Moxibustion stick, for you to continue treatments at home with proper instructions. 

Did you use or receive Moxibustion treatments? How did it work for you? Feel free to comment below! 

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